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Team Members

We support clients through in-depth studies of markets, customers and competitors (or a combination), gaining valuable information and insights:  

  • Market studies normally include assessment of market drivers, market size, market outlook and market segmentation. 

  • Customer studies typically include analysis of buying process, buying criteria, satisfaction, value proposition, USPs and future needs. 

  • Competitor studies often include performance, competitiveness, strategies, product portfolios, plans. 

Office Meeting

Nearly half of our projects to date have been Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) where we provide an independent assessment of key commercial aspects of a target company prior to investment or acquisition.  We help our clients identify and articulate upfront hypotheses and tailor the project scope to their priorities; e.g. validate assumptions underpinning the investment thesis and investigate potential dealbreakers. CDD projects often include assessment of markets, customer satisfaction and priorities, target competitiveness, growth opportunities and risk factors, and sometimes also add-on acquisition ideas or potential takers.  From early stage minority investments to large acquisitions and leveraged buyouts, our experience and seniority enable us to deliver with confidence under time pressure.

Data Reviewing

Energy markets are undergoing significant change. Volatile prices, new technologies, changing customer needs, new entrants, evolving business models and other trends require our clients to revisit their corporate strategies. EGP offer high quality strategy development support through a structured methodology and process including primary research, facilitation of management workshops, prioritisation of opportunities and initiatives, and documentation of results. With our process and experience, we help our clients ask and answer the right questions.  In addition to corporate strategy, we can also support development of growth strategy, internationalization strategy, commercialization strategy and sales strategy.

Office Conversation

EGP offer selected clients fast and effective access to new international markets by leveraging our international presence, contact network, in-depth industry insights and proven sales methodology. Our role will typically include identification of sales leads, booking and execution of sales meetings, identification and description of business cases, addressing customer concerns, tender support and continuous input to improvement of sales presentations & sales material. For early stage technology clients, pilots would be the first priority.

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